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Extraordinary Service to All Around the WorldWe Offer Products and Services

Extraordinary Service to All Around the WorldWe Offer Products and Services

Extraordinary Service to All Around the WorldWe Offer Products and Services


Both rapid prototyping and low-volume finishing work at Ramsa Defense
We offer fast and high-quality machining for use components.
We stock more than 80,000 engineering grade plastic and metal materials,
making machining the ideal choice for fast and efficient production.

Axis Production: 2-3-4-5
Measurement Range:HE4mm -HE4000mm

  • Vertical Machining

  • Turning

  • Drilling

  • Grinding (8).png
machining - talaslı imalat.jpg
welding - kaynak.jpg

Welded Manufacturing

Welded manufacturing is on a wide scale among our productions.
During our production, our main points are visual beauty,
durability and high quality, and we base our productions on this
We are doing it on the verge of points. Carbon and stainless steel, aluminum,
We can weld brass and titanium materials.

  • TIG Welding

  • Gas Welding

  • MIG Welding

  • Submerged Welding


Sheet - Metal

We offer metal bending and metal forming services utilizing CNC hydraulic press brakes, comprehensive tooling, and full CAD/CAM capabilities in the same facility where we offer machining, welding, laser cutting, and more. Ramsa's wide range of bending tools offers a wide range of products for your manufacturing project, from the simplest to the most complex.
can realize.

  • Abkant Twist

  • Sheet Twisting

  • Pipe Bending

  • Pipe Laser (11).png
sheet metal - abkant büküm.jpg
casting dokum kopya.jpg


Suitable for processing geometric shapes or producing them with another production method
We can produce all kinds of non-steel parts by investment casting method.
Production, also known as Ceramic Mold Casting, Lost Wax Method, etc.
Our method offers completely different advantages than traditional casting.

  • Investment Casting

  • Sand Mold Casting

  • Metal Mold Casting

  • Die Casting

stainless-steel-products -ramsa.png

Mechanical Assembly

Ramsa creates a mechanical whole system by mechanically assembling the parts produced or coming from the customer. During these applications and assembly, after a faultless assembly process with highly experienced technical personnel, the assembled product is shipped to our customer. In mechanical assembly, helicoil installation, screw jointing and tightness test are applied.

  • Component Assembly

  • Complete Assembly

  • Pipe Assembly

  • Steel Construction

mekanik montah kopya.jpg

Hydraulic System 

When it comes to creating maximum force with minimum effort,
hydraulic is the best choice. Moreover, handling complex tasks in harsh conditions with excellent performance is the primary advantage of hydraulics.

  • Power Unit Design

  • Hydraulic Test Systems

  • Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing

  • Hydraulic Plumbing


Composite Laying

We manufacture composite molds, models and laying processes, and especially turbine composite blades. Various metal - rubber
and anti-static rubber composite applications.
We can carry out coating operations under the desired conditions and conditions.

  • Composite Laying

  • Pu-Rubber

  • Covering

cad cam ramsa modelleme imalat

Design R&D

Ar & In our development and design department, from the beginning of the product life cycle
We carry out all processes until the product is released to the market.
Our innovation-based vision is product development with three-dimensional modeling and analysis.
We are developing our portfolio.

  • Product design

  • Product Analysis Activities

  • prototyping

  • Ar & Ge


Our software team provides you with the best service in software development.
He does web design and software coding to deliver. web mobile
Get ready for the digital world with compatible designs.

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Web Services

  • Mobile Application

  • Avionic Systems

ramsa-software_edited_edited.jpg (8).png


At Ramsa, we offer fast and high-quality part production services for both rapid prototyping and low-volume end-use components. We are at your service with our expert team in both low-volume and large-scale production with different production methods such as Machining, Sheet Metal, Rubber / PU and Fluid Fittings.

  • Elektronik Komponentler

  • Hidrolik Parçalar

  • Bağlantı Elemanları

  • Güç Grubu


Ramsa sector-specific subsystem production includes Lifting, Lubrication and Brake Systems, Stabilization, Powertrain, Running Gear, Turret & It carries out more than 300 production processes such as Chassis, Heating-Cooling and offers high-tech components to its customers.

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Web Services

  • Mobile Application

  • Avionic Systems

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