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Maintenance System and Equipment

Tele platforms are located on any part of the hanger located under the crane rails.
can be used in the field. In this regard, the indoor crane provided
They move on bridges. Rotating the work platform
it is possible...


Energy System and Equipment

The wind turbine rotates the blades and converts the wind into mechanical energy. Uses aerodynamic effect to convert mechanical energy then
It is converted into electrical energy through a generator. Ramsa, military
It produces mobile and hybrid wind turbines for use.

Security systems

Ramsa offers 4 different products in military security systems, armoring of vehicles and anti-RPG networks, as well as protection against damage to personnel and vehicles. It aims to reduce the consumption to a minimum level.

fluid testing machines

Test Systems

Test Devices measure the flow rate and pressure given by the pump in hydraulic systems.
Testing whether the system is operating at the appropriate value by measuring the amount
It is used for the purpose of making adjustments.

Weapon System Prototyping

Ramsa; It aims to serve in the defense industry sector by integrating high-level technologies with sectoral expertise and high quality standards.


Hydraulic Components

We have the ability to produce hoses, pipes and quick couplings used in fluid systems in accordance with METRIK, BSPP, BSPT, NPT, JIC, UNF, UNFJ, UNJS, ORFS and SAE standards.

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