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  • To be the global representative of our country by offering innovative and value-added projects and products in the defense and aerospace sector. 


  • To increase the quality of the service we offer by adopting the philosophy of continuous development as a principle,                   

  •  Following the new generation technology in the field of industry,    

  • To provide services in parallel with technological developments,

  • To ensure excellence in service and workmanship,

  • Creating a safe and healthy working environment,

  • To create a production culture where full potential can be met,

  • To build honest value relationships with our colleagues, customers and stakeholders,

  • To increase our brand value by producing with machine capacity in accordance with the required standards.


  • Team work
    As Ramsa, we combine teamwork, innovation and performance every day.
    We are committed to bringing it.                             

  • Innovative Approach
    Fueled by our entrepreneurial spirit, we constantly work to improve our products and processes with a long-term industrial innovation strategy.                                        

  • Customer Focus
    Our mission is to provide our customers with innovative products and competitive processes that need them to stand out in their field. By being practical and proactive, we regularly anticipate and exceed their expectations.              

  • Integrity
    We build our relationships with all our stakeholders on the basis of honesty, transparency and sincerity. We are a reliable and zero-flexibility partner.

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