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IMPA: Trusted Supplier Network in the Maritime Industry

The shipping industry is the lifeblood of world trade, and this massive sector relies on reliable and efficient supply chains to maintain successful operations. At this point, the International Maritime Suppliers and Purchasing Association (IMPA) has an important role in meeting the needs of the sector.


What is IMPA?

IMPA is an organization that brings together an international network of suppliers and buyers operating in the maritime industry. This association offers maritime companies, ship owners and industry professionals the opportunity to access reliable suppliers that provide the most suitable and quality products in line with their needs.

Role and Advantages of IMPA

  • International Connections: IMPA brings an international dimension to the maritime industry by connecting with thousands of suppliers around the world.

  • Quality and Reliability: IMPA members are known in the maritime industry for their reliability and quality. This simplifies the process of finding reliable suppliers for industry professionals.

  • Competitive Pricing: IMPA members offer products and services at competitive prices. This allows shipping companies to manage their budgets effectively.

  • Expertise and Diversity: IMPA's broad member base includes suppliers who specialize in every aspect of the industry. This makes it possible to provide products and services suitable for all kinds of needs.


IMPA strengthens interaction and cooperation in the industry by bringing together suppliers and buyers in accordance with the complexity and diversity of the maritime industry. Providing services at international standards, IMPA members support the operational excellence of shipping companies and ensure their preparedness for the future challenges of the industry.

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