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International trade and military operations require complex supply chains and inventory management. To manage this complexity and organize supply chains, NATO Stock Codes (NSN) are used. NSNs are an international standard system used to identify products such as military equipment, spare parts and supplies.


What is NATO Stock Code?

NATO Stock Code (NSN) is a system used to identify military supplies and equipment. These codes provide unique classification of products and create a common understanding in international supply chains. NSN includes product features, usage areas and other important information. These codes are used in the military and civilian sectors to facilitate inventory management and ensure the right products are delivered to the right locations.

Advantages of NSN

  • International Compliance: NATO Stock Codes ensure international harmony by creating a common language between military units and suppliers in different countries. This allows military supplies and equipment from different countries to be easily identified and used.

  • Fast and Accurate Supply: NSN allows products to be supplied quickly and accurately. With the correct code, products can be easily found, so that necessary supplies can be obtained quickly in military operations or emergencies.

  • Inventory Management: NSN system simplifies inventory management. Stock levels and demands can be managed more effectively thanks to this coding system.

  • Logistics Efficiency: Delivering the right products to the right places on time plays an important role in logistics processes. NSN improves logistics efficiency and prevents unnecessary delays.

NATO Stock Codes are a standardized identification system in international supply chains. These codes ensure proper identification and management of military supplies and equipment. This ensures accuracy, speed and efficiency in military operations and international trade. Therefore, the NSN system continues to play an important role in modern supply chains.

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