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Message from our President

As Ramsa Defense, the most important feature that we have adopted as a principle since the beginning of our business life has been the ethical, transparent and quality business approach.

While all players in the world of global trade carry out their activities under their respective denominators, we have adopted the principle of having a say in both the domestic and foreign markets by always setting forward targets.

Always aiming to be local and national in our domestic market targets, we have carried out dozens of new production and distribution to our country.

In the global market, we have and will continue to strive to reach every point where we can reach with a new face and a new company mentality every day.

As the Ramsa family, we will continue to support you by bringing a new breath to the supply system, becoming a partner in your projects and works rather than a supplier, and adopting quality, transparent and qualified work as a principle.

Wishing you a life full of peace, love and quality.

ramazan gücükturalı

Chairman of the Board / CEO

Message from our President | RamsaDefence
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