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This innovative holster is designed to ensure the safety of the person carrying the gun. One of the features of the holster is that it contains a special mechanism that makes it easier to put the bullet into the mouth while removing the gun from the handle with one hand. This mechanism allows the user to quickly remove his weapon and react quickly in case of emergency. By quickly unfastening the holster, the user removes his weapon and simultaneously positions the bullet in a suitable position, so that he can intervene quickly and effectively.

Automatic Pistol Holster

Stepped Belt Holder Down/Up 360 Degree

•    It is not just a gun holster, but also a gun apparatus that makes your gun ready to fire 
•    Ease of single-handed gun shooting
•    Before pulling the gun from the holster, press it so that the palm of your hand fits snugly into the grip 
•     In this way, the aiming line is more accurate 


Gun Safety Latch

•    Allows the gun to be quickly drawn from its holster with one hand, both loaded and unloaded.
•     Durable black polymer body
•    The lock latch prevents it from being used beyond your control.
•    Very fast gun loading thanks to its slide and spring mechanism
•     Body perfectly compatible with the gun


Slide Safety System

•    Fully compatible body that prevents the gun from moving in the holster
•     It is designed to be suitable for all gun users. (suitable for civil and official use)
•     It is impact resistant
•     It is 100% domestic design
•     It is under patent protection
•     Ability to carry official belt (cockade) and civilian belt

Automatic Pistol Holster Promotional Video

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