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Model Hunter has a flexible design that is suitable for different situations and scenarios. The fact that it can be used in standing, sitting, kneeling and lying positions allows it to be used effectively in various tasks and areas.


- Working feature between 20 and +50 degrees

- Weight: Between 7-10 kg 
- Can be easily positioned according to engagement situations

- It has the ability to emit heat and light
- Fixing System 
- Foldable

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Model Hunter

Design and Technology

Nowadays, security concerns are increasing and therefore continuous innovations and improvements are being made in security systems. In this context, a new product called "Model Hunter" has been launched. This product draws attention with its innovative features such as aluminum skeleton system, inflatable polyester model human body, misleading light system and heat dissipation.


Aluminum Skeleton System: Durability and Lightness Together

"Model Hunter" is designed with a durable and lightweight aluminum skeleton system. This feature increases the portability of the product and ensures its durability. It is an ideal choice to increase security both indoors and outdoors.


Inflatable Polyester Model Human Body with Realistic Appearance and Restricted Movement

The body part of the product is made of durable and flexible polyester material. This material has a texture similar to the real human body. Additionally, the fact that the product can be used in different positions increases its ability to imitate the movements of a real person. Usability in standing, kneeling and lying positions enables the product to be used effectively in a variety of security scenarios.


Misleading Light System: Distracting and Reducing Danger

The misleading light system located on the mouth of the product attracts the enemy's attention and increases the feeling of realism. Thanks to this feature, the enemy reveals his location by opening fire.


Thermal System: Developed to Mislead Thermal Cameras

Model Hunter is designed to deceive thermal cameras with a special heat system inside. While this system makes the product look like a real human body, it also misleads thermal sensors, making it difficult to obtain accurate results. 

Model Hunter Promotional Video

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