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about us

Who is Ramsa Defense?

Ramsa Defense and Aviation was established in 2016 to unite and coordinate the projects and activities of high-technology companies for the defense industry under a single roof. The founding purpose of our company is to develop and produce local, national, independent and original high-tech products and subsystems for the Turkish Armed Forces and other security forces in the defense industry sector, in line with the vision of the Presidency of Defense Industries.
While Ramsa serves both main industrial companies on the developing defense industry technology, it also develops products to become the main industry with continuous innovation and development.
It also contributes to the development of the country by exporting the products it produces and serves as a sub-industry to many countries. With the recently established software unit within our own organization, it shows a continuous increase in development and innovation. With the emphasis on technology in its vision, Ramsa has adopted the goal of "being a national technology company that maintains its sustainable growth with the values it creates in the global market, is preferred with its competitiveness, is trusted as a strategic partner, and is sensitive to the environment and people."


Our journey


Ramsa Defense Established


Signing of a strategic cooperation agreement with the Ministry of National Defense. 

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