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Weapon carrying systems effectively control the recoil of the weapon by using specially designed mechanisms and materials, thus allowing the user to achieve greater stability during shooting. Additionally, the use of lightweight and durable materials makes weapon carrying systems lighter, providing the user with comfort during long-term carrying operations. These features offer high accuracy and mobility to gun carrying system users, increasing shooting performance and providing the user with a more comfortable experience.


Working Feature Between -40 and +60 Degrees

- Weight: 5.1 Kg 
- Easily Shapes According to Engagement Occasions

- Suitable for Light or Heavy Weapon Use Fixing System


Design and Technology

It is a system that helps carry heavy weapons such as MG-3, Bixi etc. during the transfer of military personnel to the operational area. At the same time, thanks to its flexible arm, it enables shooting of low-recoil weapons such as MPT-76, G-3, Kalashnikov, etc. in a conflict environment. The system reduces personnel fatigue by distributing the weapon carrying load evenly across the personnel's body. System components; It consists of vest, adapter, spring, spring tension adjustment arm, flexible fastening tool, arm-vest connection connector. The Eskeleton system consists of a lightweight component thanks to its metal-composite material. Thanks to the non-slip vest connection pin, a reliable and solid connection is created between the arm and the vest. 


Security and Protection

There are special adapters depending on the weapon types to be installed on the Eskeleton system. With the help of these adapters, a very fast plug-in system has been created. Eskeleton has 3 different spring-tension systems. Thanks to the spring tension adjustment lever that allows you to adjust the spring tension as high, medium and low, up to 10 kg of payload can be carried. Thanks to the extendable arm system, which is one of the Eskeleton system components, it is aimed to destroy the target with the right shot in the right position. The length of the Eskeleton system is 1300mm. It has a barrel length of 710 mm, 5+1 magazine, and an effective range of 1,300m. Preliminary design studies have started with a weapon with an initial speed of 81 O m/s and a weight of 6 kg with an empty magazine. 


Portability and Ease of Use

It also allows military personnel to take full cover in the operational environment. In addition, if the Passive Exoskeleton System is included in the inventory of Turkish Armed Forces, the system can be easily integrated. The first design studies of the Eskeleton system continue with a load carrying capacity of 10 kg, a maximum length of 18 inches, a total weight of the system of 5.1 kg, and an operating temperature of -40 C to +60 C. Battery, battery, etc. for the system. There is no need. 
Eskeleton system; It is a system that will make it easier to carry the light or heavy weapon load by spreading it evenly over the body during the deployment of the soldier. The Eskeleton system was designed inspired by a gyro system that will prevent the camera from being affected by vibrations during shooting. 


Removing Weapon Recoil

Special mechanisms or design features in gun carrying systems can reduce or balance gun recoil when fired. This allows the user to be more accurate and faster in consecutive shots. Controlling the weapon's recoil allows the user to focus on the target and increases the stability of the weapon.


Accurate Aiming

The weapon carrying system should make it easy for the user to aim his weapon accurately. This ensures that the user is in a comfortable and natural position when aiming, allowing him to shoot more accurately at the target. It is also important that auxiliary devices such as optical sights or laser pointers can be mounted to increase the ability to aim accurately. Such features help the user focus on the target and increase the accuracy of the shot.

These additional features are important elements to consider in the design of weapon handling systems. These features enable the user to use his weapon effectively and increase the level of security.

Eskeleton Promotional Video

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